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Know that 80% of people use doterra products mainly for themselves with the goal be more mentally and physically vital and to support themselves in living their best lives.

And I love supporting you in this as this is part of our mission! My goal is to teach as many people as possible to do the same as I have taken charge of my own health again.

The other 20% of our customers want more with doterra. Doterra is a network marketing company and has the opportunity to do business with this product and create financial freedom.

When you want this! Then we are happy to help you, as the oils have empowered us physically and mentally, the model in which we can do business with doTERRA has given us an incredible amount of freedom and space to live our lives the way we want.

About us

Loussanna and Willem-Paul

10+ Years of experience working with essential oils. What we love about the essential oils and how the work is that we give other people the tools, to take their power for physical en mental health back in to their own hands.Loussanna is an aromatouch trainer and taught more than 500+ people how to use the oils with the Aromatouch technique to empower their homesBeing part of a movement of conscious leaders who want to create an impact with a sense of purpose. We work and partner with dōTERRA and the oils for 10 years now. and have helped 10.000+ people to work and connect with nature again and start a journey of expansion and healing.Willem – Paul is a NLP Coach and briljant with helping people to learn how their minds workJoin us on this journey and its like a personal development program that unleashes true potential and help others do the same. doTERRA and oils have changed the way we view health, work and helped us create an extraordinary life in freedom and growth.With doTERRA we have the rank of Blue Diamond. One of the biggest ranks able to reach in dōTERRA. We love to help other people to create the same freedom that dōTERRA gave us.Contact usWe are blessed with 2 kids (4 and 0)Married for 11 yearsTraveled together 15 countries

Husband and wife


We adore life and exploring stunning locations as a family. Working for ourselves grants us the opportunity to authentically create the life we desire filled with abundant experiences.

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one on one

You get a one on one Coaching call to help you learn the best way to use the oils for your family (30minutes) ( Value of 75 euro)

online training

You get access to E-books, online training, a monthly educational email, online and live events. (With a value over 1000,- euro)

LiKE Minded

you will be part and have access to a bigger group of like minded people in chat groups and real life meetings


if you join the business opportunities, you get access to an online course, and team meetings

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Allow me to introduce you to three essential oils that are both simple and highly potent. I’ll guide you on their usage, explaining how they benefit our minds and bodies. While there are numerous ways to utilize these oils, let me provide you with a glimpse of their incredible power.


Our family is pretty high sensitive, we all feel a lot, which can make it hard to stay close to ourselves. The first oils I(Loussanna) felt truly in love with was balance, and it still is.

Balance grounds you and helps you te be in the here and now. It also calms an over active mind, and helps you to stay close to your own feelings

Retail: 34,67

whole sale discount account: 26,00


We have 2 boys, that means we have pure chaos now and then! We love to explore the world and to give them a lot of space.

But sometimes we have some accidents and then we love the oil rescuer, it’s in every bag and our first aid when life is messy.

Retail: 35,,67

whole sale discount account: 19,25


With a family full of highly sensitive individuals, our nervous systems can become easily overstimulated. We love living an adventurous life, but it comes at a cost. Thankfully, Copaiba oil is a game-changer for our entire family because of its soothing effects on our nervous system. We start our day with this oil and it makes a world of difference for us!

Retail: 34

whole sale discount account:25,50

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Do you want to feel?

Greater influence over your physical well-being.Heightened mental clarity and vibrant cognitive vitality.a profound sense of joy and emotional vitality, truly feeling alive.

Experience the remarkable power of essential oils, tailored to meet your needs! Delve into the world of oils with confidence, even if you’re new to the journey. Allow us to be your trusted companion, providing the guidance and support:

Online ebook explaining you how to use oils in the most powerful way. ( worth 30,-)30 minutes one on one zoom call to answer all your questions and helpt you to create your own wellness rituals to empower your self most with te essential oils. (worth 150,-)ready to get my oils

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