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what are essential oils?


Welcome to the world of essential oils! If you're new to them, let me explain what they are. Essential oils are powerful substances found in many plants that we can't see but can have incredible benefits.

These oils give plants their unique scent and act as a natural defense mechanism. They protect plants from bacteria, viruses, insects, and other external threats that could harm their health.

When we distill these plants, we extract their essential oils, unlocking their potent properties.

Discover the centuries-old use of essential oils to enhance health and well-being. With unique benefits, each individual experiences their remarkable power in a personal way.

But how do essential oils actually work within our bodies? Consider this: An essential oil is 50 to 70 times more potent than an herb. To put it into perspective, a single drop of essential oil contains an astonishing 40 million trillion molecules. These molecules effectively communicate with your body's cells, reaching them multiple times and offering widespread support.


At the core of our well-being lies our physical, emotional, and mental health. Essential oils have the potential to provide support in all of these areas. Before delving into how essential oils can enhance emotional well-being, let's begin with a brief explanation.

When a situation arises or memories and thoughts resurface, our brain triggers the release of hormones and molecules throughout our body, leading to the experience of emotions.

Consider this example: The thought of "love" may evoke the emotion of "sadness" due to a recent break-up. Our body responds by taking action, such as crying, followed by facial expressions that reflect our feelings.

When we inhale the aroma of an essential oil or apply it to our body, its molecules communicate directly with our brain. Specifically, they impact the limbic system, which serves as our emotional processing center. Through this mechanism, essential oils can contribute to fostering emotional balance within our bodies.

Essential oils are our daily staple, an essential component of our lives. They enrich our self-care routines, provide support during challenging moments, and empower us.

It's reassuring to have a 100% safe and natural remedy readily available at home whenever needed. Sometimes, I forget to appreciate this fact because it has become so ingrained in my routine. Nevertheless, I remain grateful to nature every single day for this incredible gift!

My hope is that essential oils can also bring peace and stability to your life and family amidst the constant hustle and bustle of the world.


Topical (On the skin)

Topical essential oil use benefits your skin and body. When applied, they enter your bloodstream, promoting communication with your body. Address specific concerns by applying directly to affected areas.

For general use, apply on feet, wrists, or neck for quick skin absorption. Remember to dilute appropriately for safety, especially for children and sensitive skin.


Using essential oils internally is a potent method with distinct physical and emotional benefits. Here are ways to use oils internally:

1. Add them to a glass of water.
2. Incorporate them into your food.
3. Use an empty capsule and add a few drops of oils.

Please note that not all oils can be used internally. This information is always indicated on the bottle.


We recognize that smell is a powerful way to enhance mood. Here are two simple methods to experience the scent of essential oils:

1. Use a diffuser: High-frequency cold steam releases oil molecules without heating.
2. Rub a drop in hands, cup over nose, and breathe slowly to enjoy the aroma.



Supports optimal sleep.
Eases feelings of depression, stress, and fear.

Soothes during temporary seasonal changes in spring.

Supports skin repair and aids in recovery from rashes.

Retail: 39,67 Discound: 29,75


Supports the cleansing system of your body

Supports mental health

Helps to balance the body temperature

Supports the digestive system

Retail: 19,00 Discound: 14,25


Menthol is a primary component of peppermint oil and is renowned for its cooling, refreshing, and clarifying effects.

Soothes muscle tension and headaches.

Enhances the feeling of alertness and focus.

Retail: 34,00 Discound: 25,50


Supports the immune system.

Has antibacterial properties.

Known for its cleansing properties.

Soothes throat discomfort.

Retail: 56,00 Discound: 42,00


Supports the immune system

Supports healthy cells

Strong support for the brain

Softens feelings of depression

Supports skin repair

Retail: 107,33 Discound:80,50


Known for its cleansing and antibacterial properties.

Supportive for a healthy immune system.

Aids in skin recovery from impurities.

Retail: 31,00 Discound: 23,25


Provides relief from muscle tension or joint pain.

Supports recovery after exercise.

Retail: 57,33 Discound: 43,00


One of the key components found in Eucalyptus, including in the Air blend, is 1.8 cineole.

This component is renowned for its respiratory benefits, cleansing effects, and its impact on inflammatory responses.

It has a refreshing effect.

Retail: 38,00 Discound : 28,50


Known for its soothing effect on the digestive system.

Useful after consuming a meal that doesn't agree with you.

May provide support for respiratory health.

Retail: 48,33 Discound: 36,25

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